Helping You Stay Safe During Covid-19


Firstly we want to say that we have appreciated the public's support and adherence to the Covid-19 BC Provincial Government Compliance Guidelines that have been in place for retail shopping over these past three years. The reality is that Covid-19 will still be with for many more years to come and we must maintain our vigilance to stop the spread of this deadly virus.  

New BC Provincial Government Health Guidelines:

As of March 11th, 2022 British Columbians will no longer have to wear masks in low-risk, indoor public spaces. During a news conference on Thursday March 10th, 2022, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said some people may want to continue to wear masks, and some businesses may choose to ask patrons to wear them, but they are no longer required under an order. 

*Therefore as of March 11th, 2022 it will be an individual choice as to whether or not our customers wish to continue to wear a mask while shopping in our store. 

However Health Officials are reminding people to continue to manage their own health risks by monitoring for symptoms, staying home when sick, wearing a mask when in a closed environment and continuing hand hygiene.  

Thank you!